Mod. Work the Way You Live

A New Mobile Office Concept from Novawest

The office walls are coming down.  Confined, static, office quarters no longer make sense for a growing segment of the workforce. Increasing use of mobile devices by the public in general, and the working class no less, demands a more dynamic alternative to the traditional office space, one that matches the emerging “where you are” lifestyle of today.  This concept answers that call and proposes the creation of a chain of membership-based and pay-as-you-go gathering centers in which to work, study, create, read, network, converse, socialize, host events and the like.   Seeing the future of the work environment as one of increased mobility and the decreasing utility of the fixed and home offices, Novawest’s MOD is the perfect solution for an entire class of mobile individuals wanting a place to go to, even for short periods of time.   MOD turns the current work center paradigm around so that the work and social space are primary, and belong to the Member, with the services complimenting the primary purposes.  MOD offers a “one-stop shop” for people who spend a significant part of their week driving to, or stopping by, recognized beverage and service chains in order to take care of their business.  It is designed so that Members will have access to multiple resources in one location–from a wireless network to printers to supplies to high end coffee, all within a curated environment.

The initial launch for MOD will occur at 2828 N. Central Ave in Phoenix, Arizona (SW intersection of Central Ave. & Thomas).  For further information about this exciting new startup please contact Novawest .