A Rare Find

Novawest is an entrepreneurial development company.  We might even be called “developreneurs”. Or an elite exploration company.   We locate, design, sponsor and manage rare development and related business opportunities within the real estate space. These opportunities will tend to involve new concepts or ideas, reflecting our belief that innovation is a driver of sensible development and not just the domain of the technology sector.   Novawest is on the constant lookout for ways to harness the best ideas and practices of today for the buildings and spaces of  tomorrow.

We seek opportunistic returns for our investors by offering commercially sound, but unusual and transformative projects in underserved markets.  We devote our resources to perfecting the vision and the pathway for these opportunities, overcoming high barriers of entry along the way.  Drawing on more than 20 years of successful development experience, a seasoned core management team and wide array of professional alliances, Novawest adds significant value to the investment calculus.

While we pride ourselves in being innovative, we are also very practical. Novawest works to fulfill community plans with appropriately scaled infill opportunities that contribute to the overall community. Matching private investment capital with public sector efforts, whether financial, political or on the infrastructure side, is a key strategy in Novawest’s development approach.